Parts and Power

Imagine a power surge occurring in your house. Imagine that it damaged some of your appliances. Imagine that it also damaged the electric (power) supply in your house. Now, let’s say you want everything working well again. Would you: A. Just fix the broken appliances B. Just fix the power supply C. Fix both the […]

Madonna Falls

Madonna fell while performing the other day.  The injuries she suffered are fairly common.  Her need for chiropractic after that fall is obvious, who else might need chiropractic?

Photoshop and You

On Thursday, February 19, 2015 Photoshop turned 25 years old.  The video below briefly explains how you will have a better body in the real world by using specific, scientific chiropractic on a routine basis over time.

Wisdom From Jack LaLanne

Hello. Many of you know who Jack LaLanne is. I used to watch him in the 1960’s when I was just a kid. Did you know that he is a chiropractor? Well he is. And although he is known as a fitness enthusiast, watch the following video and you will see how he credits the […]

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Dr. Robert S. Crystal

Dr. Robert S. Crystal