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Yes. It is good for the mom and the unborn child as well. Why? Many reasons. To begin with, everyone is better off with a free communicating system of nerves and that is what chiropractic is all about. Anything a pregnant woman does for her health is good for her and the unborn child. Keeping the pelvis aligned helps provide the largest space mechanically for the baby to grow and position itself. Having a proper uninterrupted nerve supply helps the labor and delivery go better. During the pregnancy, being free of subluxation helps the mom to eliminate waste better, provide better nutrition for her and the unborn child, and to generally feel better. It is definitely a good idea for any “expecting” mother.
Remember an adjustment has only one purpose. To help rid the body of subluxations. So at what age can someone get their first subluxation? It can occur during the birth process. If not then, it can occur when the baby is bouncing down the road in the car seat asleep with their head bobbing off to one side. Or when uncle Johnny picks the kid up. Or when the baby learns how to roll over and falls right off the bed. Or when they learn how to walk and fall over and hit their head on the coffee table. I have seen the need for chiropractic starting in infancy, and would encourage anyone to start bringing their children as early in life as possible.
Just watch all the children getting adjusted in our office. What you will see is a happy child who relaxes and actually enjoys the adjustment. For those who have never seen it before, you would be amazed at how comfortable children are with chiropractic care. Because we use very little force to effectively adjust a baby and child it is very safe.
The short answer is as often as you are subluxated. The only way to know that is to be checked since often there are no symptoms associated with a subluxation, in other words you can be subluxated and feel fine.
There is no cookbook answer for this. Each person is unique. Some people need 3 or more visits a week when they start out, others do fine with one or less visits a week. A person’s history of trauma, stress, and exposure to harmful chemicals will all be factors in how much care is needed. Yes, that terrible accident 20 years ago is relevant. Also current living conditions will have an effect on the need for adjustments. We will work with you to determine what is best for you as a unique individual.
Yes. Think of it this way. There are physical, emotional, and chemical factors that will impact the condition of your spine. They can have positive and negative effects. For example, getting adequate rest, moderate exercise, eating a healthy diet, and learning to stay calm will all have positive effects on your spine. Working in a manner that puts undue stress on the spine, not getting enough rest, eating junky “food”, and feeling stressed all the time will have negative effects on your spine.
No. Only as long as you want to live a life free of subluxation. I imagine once you understand the true purpose of chiropractic that you will want to benefit from it the rest of your life, but it would always be YOUR CHOICE.
Chiropractic care is affordable without insurance. None of our patients use insurance in our office.
First of all, I am not convinced that cracking your knuckles is bad for you. More importantly, adjustments to the spine are designed to restore proper alignment. That improves nerve supply, blood supply, and normal movement of the spine. These are all necessary for the spine to be healthy. Chiropractic adjustments make the spine healthier.
Yes. Many people have come to us after back surgery. In some cases they were thinking of getting a second or third surgery and were able to avoid it by getting adjusted.
This is hard to understand at first, but bear with me. Chiropractic is not about treating symptoms, diseases, or conditions. It is not a treatment at all. It is a way to restore the healing ability within each person to its highest level. Understand that we are not interested in curing you. This can work out to your advantage, especially if you have an incurable disease/condition. Why? Because nobody knows how capable your body is of healing itself, and there is a difference between seeking a cure, and maximizing the healing potential within. The real question is this, can your body heal itself? The less subluxated you are the better chance it has to do so.
I don’t like to run other people’s lives. I am not against drugs and surgery. I find very little need for them. Other people swear that they couldn’t live without them, or that their lives were saved because of them. Who am I to argue with that? I say, anybody would agree that the less you have to rely on drugs and/ or surgery the better. I have been relying on my own body, and its ability to heal itself and maintain itself in good health for my entire life. Drugs and surgery have not been necessary for me or for the rest of my family. Part of the reason I believe has to do with the fact that staying relatively free from subluxation helps our bodies to work their best. Another part of the reason is that we allow our body to do what it needs to do without treating the symptoms. We recognize that the symptoms are really the body doing what it needs to do to get well. What you decide to do is up to you. I am here to share what I know, not to judge others or try to decide for them whether they should take drugs or have surgery. Most important from our perspective is this. Whether you decide to use medical treatments or not, you are better off living as free from subluxation as possible. The more free your body is to express its own inner wisdom the better off you will be.
Some do. I have patients tell me that their doctor recommended that they see a chiropractor. The thing is this. Whether a doctor recommends chiropractic or advises against it, they are out of their field. You are better off consulting with a chiropractor, and deciding on your own whether it is something you wish to benefit from or not. After all, there are many doctors out there who have no idea how much better their lives would be if they went to the chiropractor. They just don’t know enough about it to make that decision for themselves. If they don’t know to use it for themselves, how would they know to recommend it for you? In reality, they are taking a serious look at it these days. Go to my blog to see a study done by doctors from University of Chicago Medical Center.
The first stop should be to a chiropractor. Remember that discs are positioned between the bones of the spine. A better aligned spine reduces pressure on the disc as well as increasing nerve and blood supply. Restoring normal motion in the spine helps the disc to heal better. Our experience is that it is not a quick fix, but usually within a few weeks of very regular care people with injured discs heal up and are able to return to work, even heavy labor.
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