Parts and Power

Imagine a power surge occurring in your house. Imagine that it damaged some of your appliances. Imagine that it also damaged the electric (power) supply in your house. Now, let’s say you want everything working well again. Would you:

A. Just fix the broken appliances

B. Just fix the power supply

C. Fix both the broken appliance and the power supply.

Seems like a simple answer. I’m supposing you chose C. Fix both the broken appliance and the power supply.

Now what does this have to do with Chiropractic? Everything!

The brain and nerve system is the power supply in the body. Power supply to what? Every other part of your body. The sole purpose of the chiropractic adjustment is to help the body to restore it’s power.

How often do I hear people choose A. Just fix the broken appliances, when it comes to their body. In other words, they will deal with the parts by using exercise, or diet, or medicine. But they will not address the power supply issue in their body by making sure that they are living free of subluxation.

How often do I see people who choose B. Just fix the power supply, when it comes to their body. In other words they come get adjusted, but don’t do other things that may be necessary like exercise, or diet, or even in some cases medicine.

This leads to a person choosing between chiropractic and medicine, or chiropractic and physical therapy, or chiropractic and any other thing that addresses the parts. But the question is, why was the house example above so clear and obvious? Can we apply that same logic to our bodies? Why choose between chiropractic, which deals with the power, and other things that deal with the parts?

Here is an example. Let’s say a person needs to exercise. All the parts they are working on, the muscles, joints, ligaments, tendons, etc. all have a power supply. Would it make more sense to do those exercises with the power supply totally intact, or would it make more sense to just do the exercises and forget about the power supply? In other words, would the treatments for the parts work out better if all the power was on (free of subluxation)?

Would a person be better off doing anything while subluxated, whether it be going for surgery, working on their diet, getting rehabilitated, etc.? Or would all those necessary things only serve them better and get better results if all their power was on (they were free of subluxation).

If a person asks me whether they should use chiropractic or _______________ (fill in the blank), that shows me that they still need to learn the true purpose of chiropractic. It is not a decision that has to or should be made. Chiropractic deals with the power, it stands alone in its value and importance. Dealing with the parts may also be very necessary. When both are applied in those cases, the results will be way better.

When people come to me for help I only do one thing. I analyze their spine to detect subluxations, and make specific adjustments to help the body correct those subluxations. I make sure that I help them to have as much of their power on as possible. If they need any other type of help, they are not going to get it from me. There are experts in exercise, diet, medicine, surgery, physical therapy, etc. I would suggest that they are better off getting that other help from them. But once again, why not do it while keeping yourself free of subluxation.

Dr. Robert S. Crystal

Dr. Robert S. Crystal was raised with chiropractic and was adjusted since he was a little baby, and still gets adjusted on a routine basis. Throughout his life he has personally EXPERIENCED how capable the INNATE healing powers of the body are. Dr. Crystal's mission is to make this care available for every family so YOU can live a healthier, happier, more productive life by applying some or all of the principles that make up a Chiropractic Lifestyle to your life and especially, to the lives of your children. I graduated from the National College of Chiropractic in 1986. I married my beautiful wife, Carol in 1988 and we have 2 awesome, unique, talented children. After spending a short time practicing in Belleville and Westfield, I decided to move “down the shore”, and in 1989 I set up my practice where it still is today in Point Pleasant, NJ. I am passionate about serving the chiropractic needs of our community, and desire to reach more people and families with the life restoring service of specific, scientific chiropractic.

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