My Story

I was raised with chiropractic. I was adjusted since I was a little baby, and still get adjusted on a routine basis. Throughout my life I have personally EXPERIENCED how the body has a God given, INNATE healing power. I became a chiropractor so that I could assist others to rely on their own INNATE healing power. My mission is to make this care available for every family. YOU can live a healthier, happier, more productive life by applying some or all of the principles that make up a Chiropractic Lifestyle to your life and especially, to the lives of your children. My wife and I raised two children who also benefited from the regular use of chiropractic throughout their childhoods.

I graduated from the National College of Chiropractic in 1986. I married my beautiful wife, Carol in 1988 and we have 2 awesome, unique, talented children. After spending a short time practicing in Belleville and Westfield, I decided to move “down the shore”, and in 1989 I set up my practice where it still is today in Point Pleasant, NJ.  I am passionate about serving the chiropractic needs of our community, and desire to reach more people and families with the life restoring service of specific, scientific chiropractic.